What's It All About

Jacksonville's Emerald Trail project is a planned urban trail network providing safe and scenic pathways for walking, biking, and other outdoor activities. The project aims to connect downtown Jacksonville to its surrounding neighborhoods, parks, and other amenities and enhance its livability.

Jacksonville Rotary Clubs have joined together in a mutual Community Service Project to financially participate in the public-private underwriting of a section of the trail network extending from Memorial Park to the Fuller Warren Bridge.

The project is led by Groundwork Jacksonville, a non-profit organization focusing on environmental restoration and community development. Groundwork has partnered with the City of Jacksonville, the Florida Department of Transportation, and other stakeholders to develop and implement the project.

It's More Than Just a Trail

The Emerald Trail project comprises a 30-mile trail network constructed in phases over the next several years. The Trail is divided into four segments, each with a unique character and features.


In addition, the Emerald Trail project will include other amenities such as pocket parks, public art installations, and community gathering spaces. 


The project is expected to significantly impact the community, improve public health, encourage sustainable transportation, and enhance Jacksonville's overall quality of life. 


It's Greenways and  Connectors, too


This segment will follow the path of the 2.6-mile tidal and freshwater Hogan's Creek and provide a green corridor through the city's heart. 

It will feature boardwalks, bridges, and other infrastructure, enabling users to enjoy the area's natural beauty. The project is a partnership between Groundwork Jacksonville and the City of Jacksonville.



This segment will follow the path of McCoys Creek and will feature a linear park with open green spaces, community gardens, and other amenities. 


McCoys Creek will be restored to its natural state and, in the process, mitigate the ongoing and chronic flooding on McCoys Creek Boulevard and in the nearby neighborhoods. The greenway along the creek will provide a safe and accessible route for pedestrians and cyclists through the neighborhoods of Riverside and Brooklyn.


This 4.8-mile Rails-to-Trails segment will connect the existing S-Line Rail Trail to the rest of the Emerald Trail network. It will provide a safe and convenient route for commuters and other users to travel between the urban core and the surrounding neighborhoods. 


The S-Line segment hosts various events, including organized bike rides, Groundwork’s annual Earth Day Celebration, and frequent community service projects.


This segment of the S-Line begins at Myrtle Avenue near State Street and continues northeast through Durkeeville and Springfield, ending behind Norwood Plaza in Brentwood. 

Construction Schedule Map Oct 10, 2023


The gold circle area above is Rotary Way. It's an unofficial title given to our Rotary dedicated segment of the Trail. It stretches from Memorial Park on the south northward to the Fuller Warren Bridge (I-95) location of the Riverside Arts Market.

Before After

The S-Line was Jacksonville’s first dedicated urban trail when the City of Jacksonville gained possession of an abandoned length of CSX railroad right-of-way in 2008.